Design Tips for Homes with Large Windows

When it comes to your home windows, is bigger necessarily better? Some Fort Wayne, Indiana homeowners think so. Large windows add luxury to your home along with an incredible amount of sunlight. Big and bright windows certainly have their advantages, but they also may pose a few challenges when it comes to styling your home.

The good news is that once you learn to work with your large windows, they can make an incredible focal point in any room. Here are a few top design tips for homes with larger than life windows:
Tip #1: Create a Bright and Airy Space
When your room has big windows, you already have the advantage of extra sunlight. You can play off the natural brightness of the room by incorporating bright colors and textures. These features will add even more life to your room and make it a truly bright and enjoyable space every day of the year.

Tip #2: Add Extra Life with House Plants
Another added benefit to your large windows is creating your own indoor greenhouse. If you have a green thumb, take advantage of your large home windows and create a collection of your favorite plants, from cacti to ferns.
If you don't have large windows but you happen to love your house plants, consider a garden window. These windows are designed like a small bay window and they're typically installed in kitchens. They aren't necessarily large windows, but they can let it in a lot of light and add personality to the room.
Tip #3: Make Your Windows a Focal Point
While many homeowners choose their TV as the focal point of the living room, you can make your floor-to-ceiling windows the star of the room. Arrange your furniture around the window as you would a TV, and you'll enjoy endless days of gazing outdoors at the beautiful scenery around you.

Tip #4: Skip the Drapes
While window treatments add a sense of privacy, you might want to consider skipping the drapes for your large windows. This allows you to maximize the amount of light in the room every day while making it a true design feature of the room.
However, if you do decide to spring for window treatments, there might be a high price tag to pay. Floor-to-ceiling windows can be quite pricey to cover from top to bottom. You can save a few dollars by covering portion of the windows instead of the entire window.
If you're lucky enough to own a few large windows, we hope that these design tips help inspire you. If big windows are on your wish list, contact Universal Windows Direct for a free quote.

Chris Jarvis