Are Decorative Window Grids Still in Style?

Owning a home may be the biggest investment you'll ever make. You want to make sure it maintains it's value, or appreciates even. So, you don't want to make the wrong decision when replacing your windows. Certain styles may be out-of-date. That could hurt your home's value. In this article, we'll explore window grids further. Then, you'll be ready to make an informed decision.

When you look around Fort Wayne neighborhoods, you'll find an eclectic mixture of home architectures from varying time periods. From ultramodern to quaint and historic, each home in the area presents its own character and outstanding beauty.
One of the most beautiful components of any home is its windows. Modern homes tend to have large picture windows that let in a lot of light, while traditional homes typically have styles such as double hung, casement, and even bay or bow.
As you're noticing the windows around Fort Wayne, you might see that some homes use window grids as decorative additions. Grids have been used in windows dating all the way back to the third and fourth centuries, where Romans used iron window grids for security. The windows didn't have glass at this time, so it was important to have a defense mechanism to keep intruders at bay.
While we're way beyond the third and fourth centuries, window grids are still used in homes today. But are they still in style, and why would you want to use grids in your windows?

Window Grids Complement Historic Homes
Historic homes are one of the most popular styles to use window grids. They add a lot of character to the home and decorative interest from the interior and the exterior. If the original windows have grids, a lot of homeowners will choose to keep these in order to keep the authentic look and feel of the home.
On the other hand, some historic homes are required to keep window grids if it is located in a historic district.
Grids Add Aesthetic Flair
Even if you don't live in a historic home, this doesn't mean that your home won't benefit from this beautiful decorative option. Window grids come in all shapes and sizes, such as colonial, prairie, diamond, v-groove, and more.
Colonial window grids look great on traditional style homes such as cape cods. Prairie is inspired from the old west and gives a lot of glass exposure, while diamond looks great on Tudor homes.

Should You Choose Window Grids for Your Home?
If you're a homeowner who wants to add pizzazz to your curb appeal, window grids are a great option for you. While they're not on point with every personal taste, window grids surely make a statement for not a whole lot of money. You'll only pay slightly more—around 10%— when you choose window grids as a decorative add-on for your windows.
So, are window grids still in style? The answer is a definite yes! Contact Universal Windows Direct to learn how you can incorporate window grids into your home today.

Chris Jarvis