4 Affordable Upgrades to Make Your Home Feel like a Million Bucks

If you admire the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, you might be wondering how you can improve the look and feel of your home without having the budget of a millionaire. While you might not be installing a diamond-encrusted staircase any time soon, there are ways you can enliven your home without breaking the bank.

These are a few affordable upgrades to consider to make your home feel like a million bucks:


1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

This might be a go-to solution for enhancing any room in your home, but the truth is that it really works. Professional interior decorators use paint to set the tone of every room in a home. Paint is also used to create a specific type of atmosphere that impacts mood. Color is deeply ingrained in the human psyche, so it comes as no surprise that it creates such a dramatic difference in your home.


2. Transform Your Front Porch

Let's face it. One of the most attractive aspects of million dollar homes is curb appeal. From the tip of your roof to your flowerbeds, presentation matters. One affordable technique for transforming an ordinary home to a palace fit for a queen (or king) is to overhaul your front porch.

This can be as simple as giving your porch a good cleaning. Sweep off the steps, floor, and dust cobwebs away from the ceilings if your porch has one. If your porch is made from wood, consider stripping it and painting your porch a crisp white. Top off your porch with two spiral bushes on either side of your entry door. If you have any extra wiggle room in your budget, consider adding a new front door that is custom made for your home.


3. Declutter Your Home

What million-dollar home contains clutter up to your eyebrows? This is yet another free method of making your home look clean and pristine. Weed out items you haven't used for a year and prepare to give them away. You can also consider adding an efficient (yet affordable) organizational system, such as small wicker baskets.


4. Hang Luxurious Window Treatments

Have you paid attention to your window treatments lately? If your curtains look a little lackluster, this is the perfect opportunity for an upgrade. Hang long curtains that trick the eye into thinking your windows are larger than they appear. This will give your living area (or bedroom) a grander appearance that is suitable for any million-dollar home.

Exterior upgrades such as new siding and replacement windows are surprisingly affordable, too, when you work with Universal Windows Direct. Contact us today for a free quote.

Chris Jarvis