4 Ways That Leaky Gutters Can Hurt Your Home

When you discover that your gutters are leaking, this home improvement project might be at the bottom of your priority list. While leaky gutters might not seem like an urgent project to tackle, the truth is that leaky gutters can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners.

Before you decide to ignore those leaky gutters this season, these are 4 ways that they can hurt your home:


1. Damage to Your Roof and Fascia

The condition of your gutters can play a large role with the state of your roof and fascia. In the case of leaky gutters, you’re looking at water damage at the very least. This can cause poor quality vinyl siding to stain or even lose its vibrancy. You may also discover water damage if your gutters continue to leak for an extended period of time.

When it comes to your roof, leaky gutters can become so damaged that they begin to pull away from your roof. If the gutter hangers break away, this can cause the gutter to pull some of the shingles right off of your roof.


2. Pooling Water in the Gutter System

If your gutters aren’t draining properly due to clogs and leaks, you might notice water backing up and even overflowing. The excessive amount of weight places stress on the gutter system and circles back to the gutters detaching from your home.

Furthermore, leaks can cause icicles and even ice dams during the winter. Ice dams brings an onslaught of problems for Fort Wayne homeowners, which can result in pricey repair bills in the end.


3. Standing Water Around Your Foundation

Speaking of pooling water, you might also find even more pooling water around your foundation. This pooling can spell big trouble for your home, resulting in issues such as erosion, cracks in the foundational walls, and even flooded basements. As if flooded basements aren’t a big enough headache, they can also become a health hazard by spreading pathogens such as mold and mildew.


4. Damaged Landscaping

You work hard to keep your home maintained and looking as beautiful as possible. If you’ve spent a lot of time tending to your landscaping, leaky gutters can wash your prized plants and flowers right down the drain.

This is yet another result of standing water around your foundation. If the water makes its way to the nearest flowerbed, it can easily flood the area and kill off your plants.

As you can see, leaky gutters are bad news. You can check your gutters for leaks by running water from your hose through your entire gutter system and checking the perimeter as you go. Be sure your gutters are free from clogs so you can get an accurate detection of leaks. Contact us today for questions on how to maintain and upgrade your home’s gutter system.

Chris Jarvis