4 Ways to Wow with House Windows

Nearly every homeowner in Fort Wayne would love curb appeal that wows onlookers. Luckily, this style of curb appeal is right within your reach. The key is to choose exterior elements that are truly exceptional—and one of those elements is the windows of your home.

House windows in Fort Wayne are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Professional window companies can even custom engineer windows to fit unique shapes that are specifically suited for your personal style. If you’re truly looking to add wow-factor with windows, consider the following advice:


1. Always go Custom

Think about the type of items that truly sparkle—a lot of times, they’re custom made and completely unique to a person’s style. This applies to things such as home construction, cars, jewelry, and even replacement windows.


One of the first steps for wowing with your new house windows is springing for custom shapes and sizes. The truth is that there isn’t a lot that’s very special with windows from a big box store. However, you can design a window that is completely custom to your home with the help of a professional window company.

2. Don’t Choose Cheap Materials

Another important characteristic of wow-factor windows is in its materials. Vinyl is a great material choice for your replacement windows, but cutting corners on quality is sure to compromise your curb appeal. 

Poor quality vinyl is prone to a host of potential cosmetic and performance issues. The windows can peel, crack, or even warp from sun exposure. Furthermore, the quality material of the window can easily downgrade its performance, which results in energy loss and high utility bills.


3. Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Choosing the right style of window for your home will take your curb appeal up a notch (or three). But how do you know which windows are best for your home’s architecture?

• Victorian homes typically have an eclectic mix of windows, including geometric, bay windows, and double hung windows.

• Cape Cod is a traditional home style that typically features double hung windows.

• Tudor homes are quite flexible with replacement window styles. Consider casement windows with diamond grids for an authentic look and feel.

• Contemporary homes often feature a lot of glass—consider floor to ceiling picture windows.


4. Keep Your Windows Clean

This is a simple tip that doesn’t cost much money at all. Dirty windows can easily downgrade your home’s appearance, so be sure that you regularly clean the interior and exterior glass and frames.

By following these tips, your curb appeal will quickly become the showstopper of the block. Continue to follow our weekly blog for even more exterior home improvement ideas to add more wow.

Chris Jarvis