How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Entry Door

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse? Whether you’re buying the latest technology with a new 4k TV or you bought a pricey diamond ring, no one wants to spend a large amount of money and regret it shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, buyer’s remorse can happen with home improvement upgrades as well. The best way to avoid this situation is to educate yourself before making your purchase, and thoroughly investigate your options before it’s time to install.


What’s the Right Entry Door Material for You?

One major consideration of a new entry door is the material. There are three options that most homeowners choose: wood, steel, and fiberglass.

Wood doors are a traditional option that will enhance nearly any home. These doors will last many years if they are properly maintained. They are also beneficial for those who are looking to customize their door with their own choice of color, since wood doors are easy to paint and stain.

However, fiberglass doors offer the same beauty and durability as wood. The benefit is that they are much easier to maintain.

If you are looking for an entirely different look and feel with an entry door, steel might be right for you. Steel doors are aesthetic, versatile, and easy to repair.


Consider Maintenance Requirements

Another fast way to regret your new door is to pick an option that requires a lot of upkeep—especially if you don't want to devote your spare time to a lot of maintenance.

If you aren't up to spending your weekends tending to your entry door, it's time to scratch wood off your list. Wood doors require sanding, painting, and staining to keep them looking new. Not only do wood doors lose their aesthetic value from neglect, but they can also be prone to rot, mold, and mildew from moisture damage.


Keep Cost in Mind

Lastly, you want to choose a door that won't break your bank account. Wood doors are a pricey option. You can pay up to $3,000 for a custom wood door.

Top-of-the line fiberglass doors can run you in the range of $2,000. However, remember that you won't have to tend to this door the way you do with wood door.

A good quality steel door will also come in the price range of $1500-$2000. The key is to get several quotes to weigh your options and determine your ideal price.


Get the Right Door from Universal Windows Direct

UWD is the area’s go-to source for quality steel and fiberglass entry doors. When you need guidance in choosing your ideal entry door, contact us for a free consultation and quote. 

Chris Jarvis