How to Keep Your Home Cool While Saving Money

Is there sweat forming on your brow as you reach to adjust your thermostat? Whether the sweat is from fearing high utility bills or you’re feeling the heat these days, staying cool is expensive. If your utility bills could easily fund your kid’s college tuition, you might be looking for a few ways to stay cool this summer on the cheap—but is it possible?


Keep Your Blinds Closed

While many of us love some sunlight in our lives, those rays of sunshine can wreak havoc on our bank accounts in the summertime. According to Green Building Advisor, window treatments can reduce solar heat gain coefficient by 20 to 70%. The large range is in accordance to the type of window treatments in question. Silver is the best color to reduce SHGC, which is the amount of solar radiation admitted through your windows. 


Get Cooler Sheets

It can be tough to get sleep on a hot and muggy summer’s night. If you’re still living with those flannel sheets from wintertime—and hopefully you’ve washed them since then—consider upgrading to cotton sheets. Cotton is a breathable fabric that won’t make you sweat bullets while you’re trying to sleep.


Set Your Fan Rotation to Counterclockwise

Who knew that there is an art to your ceiling fan’s rotation settings? During the summertime, switch your fan to rotate counterclockwise. This pushes down air that creates a breeze right within the room. If you’re standing underneath your fan but you’re not feeling much air, this is likely because it’s on the wrong setting. Most fans have a small switch on the side that you can click to get air flowing the right way. 


Take Advantage of a Fresh, Cool Breeze

Even though the weather is hot lately, sometimes we get a few days where it cools off here in Fort Wayne. Air circulation can keep your home feeling cooler. The trick is to open most of your windows to maximize airflow. Put standing fans near windows that are directly in contact with the wind. This will push air through the rest of your home.


Add New Weatherstripping

If you’re noticing a draft around your windows, this means that you’re losing energy. Inefficient windows can account for 25% of your home’s energy loss, which adds up quickly when it’s time to pay your utility bills. 

According This Old House, replacing weatherstripping can help save you roughly 10 to 15% on your energy costs.

If new weatherstripping just doesn’t cut it, consider replacing your windows for maximum energy savings and comfort. With a return on investment of 75%, this is one of the best investments any homeowner in Fort Wayne can make. Contact Universal Windows Direct today to learn more.

Chris Jarvis