How Well Do You Know Your Windows? The Most Important Advice

Windows are found in nearly any home style you can imagine—except maybe igloos and wigwams. However, the reality is that many of us in Fort Wayne need windows in our home to increase energy efficiency while enjoying a view of the outdoors.

Windows have an extensive history dating all the way back to the Roman era. Windows have well advanced since then, and many of us are familiar with their function and purpose in the home.

What do homeowners really need to know about windows? Consider the following important advice before making the next upgrade:

Choose Windows with These Energy-Saving Components.

Homeowners can save significant amounts of money by upgrading their windows. This is especially the case for those who are living with single pane and choose to upgrade to the ultra-efficient triple pane window.

However, there are certain characteristics that make home windows energy efficient. Argon and krypton gases are inserted between the glass panes to help regulate indoor temperature. With winter around the corner, both argon and krypton can keep your home warmer.

Furthermore, low-e glazing is a clear coating that’s applied to the window pane. This helps control UV light and keep heat from escaping your home during the winter.


Choose Vinyl for Window Frame Material.

Once upon a time, wood windows were the go-to option for windows across America. As technology advanced in window manufacturing, vinyl windows were introduced as a modern, durable, and affordable option. The truth is that wood windows can cost significantly more than vinyl, which is a big drawback to homeowners on a budget.

Furthermore, wood windows are prone to rot and require a lot of upkeep. Due to their easy maintenance, vinyl windows never need to be sanded, painted, or stained.

Vinyl also helps homes look more modern, and they have a healthy return on investment of roughly 75%.

Consider the Benefits of New Window Installation.

Speaking of return on investment, upgrading with new replacement windows is a fast way to increase property value. Studies have shown that one of the most important features in a home is comfort and energy efficiency.

By installing new home windows, you can increase property value—making your home worth more money, which is beneficial if you plan to sell. New windows also increase curb appeal, save energy, reduce noise, and can even make your home safer.

Don’t Pay for Dirt Cheap Windows.

Even though it’s tempting to snag the lowest bid for your new home windows, we encourage you to resist. Low budget windows often lead to problems within a few years, such as warping frames or energy loss. Do yourself a favor and invest in windows that you can afford, but don’t break the bank.

The good news is that quality and affordable replacement windows exist. Find out more about how UniShield® windows can enhance your home by contacting UWD today.

Chris Jarvis