4 Ways a Garden Window is Useful in Cold Weather

When you think of a garden window, you probably picture a window above a kitchen sink during bright summer days. While garden windows are great for bringing in fresh air and allowing flowers to bask in the sunlight, this doesn’t mean they become useless in the winter.

In fact, there are lots of ways you can enjoy a garden window even during the coldest times of the year here in Fort Wayne. If you’re thinking of installing one of these products, here is how you can enjoy a garden window in the wintertime:

1. Keep Your Garden Growing
While gardening in the spring and summer is common, many gardens are retired for the season when the weather turns cold. When you have a garden window, you can keep a garden growing all year long with your favorite herbs and vegetables right within reach.

What type of plants can you grow in the winter?

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and kale do particularly well indoors. Indoor herb gardens are also easy to grow and maintain.


2. Let in the Sunshine

While garden windows are great for sunlight in the summer, they can make your living space brighter in the winter as well. They can help you take advantage of shorter spurts of sunlight during cold days and make your home feel cheerier.


3. Holiday Decor Shrine

Whether you go all out for holiday decorating or you just want to add some festive touches, a garden window is a great place to do so.

Garden windows are similar in design to a bay window. They provide extra space at the base of the window, and there are even shelves included with a garden window.

This is where you can bring your garden window to life this holiday season. You can create a snow scene with faux snow and snowman ornaments. You can also decorate with a nativity scene or a number of other themed decor to fit your decor and lifestyle.

Even when the holidays have passed, you can keep your winter scenes on display until spring arrives. A strand of mini lights will add extra glow, or you can add candles with battery-operated flames for extra warmth.


4. Stay Cozy

While energy savings might not immediately enter your mind with garden windows, the truth is that they can offer top performance just like any other window. When you opt for a garden window that’s professionally installed, you can enjoy energy savings all year long combined with beauty and indoor gardening.

A garden window adds a special touch to any area of your home. To learn about the cost of garden windows or other questions, contact Universal Windows Direct today.

Chris Jarvis