Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle in February

We're half way through February already, and you might be feeling cooped up by now and itching for spring weather. While spring is still several weeks away, you can certainly get ahead on your spring home maintenance tasks in February. If you're looking for a way to feel productive during the coldest time of the year here in Fort Wayne, here are a few home maintenance tasks to tackle until springtime arrives:
Clean Out Your Dryer Vents
Cleaning out your dryer vents isn't exactly a fun time, but it's essential for increasing the efficiency of your dryer and even preventing house fires. It's also a good opportunity to ensure that birds or other critters haven't decide to make your vents their warm and toasty home for the winter.
One of the fastest ways to clean out your dryer vents is by using a leaf blower to remove lint and debris. You'll also want to take an extra step to add a fine mesh screen to keep unwanted animals from building nests in your ducts.
To ensure that your dryer vents are working properly, step outside while the dryer is running. If you see exhaust coming from outside of your homes, this is a good sign that your ducts are in proper working order.
Look Out for Leaks
Ceiling leaks aren't something that you want to push off to the backburner—especially during the winter. If you're noticing ceiling leaks, take time to play detective and investigate where the water is coming from. If you discover missing shingles on your roof, this is often a culprit that can cause bigger problems down the road.
The easiest way to spot leaks is when it's raining. If a rainy day passes through the area, this is the best time to climb into your attic and look around for leaks. This makes it much easier to spot leaks which otherwise go unnoticed for months.
Remove Ice Dams
Turning your attention back outside, this is also a good time to look for ice dams on your gutter system. Ice dams are the result of water running off of your roof and freezing at the base of your gutters. These ice dams can cause a good amount of damage, and their weight alone can pull your gutter right off of your house and even take a portion of your roof with it.
When it comes time to remove ice dams, be very cautious. The best approach is to hire a professional to get ice dams out of your gutters. You can sustain very serious injuries if you attempt to tackle this project on your own, but it's very important that you're aware of ice dams in your home so the problem can be handled.
If you need assistance with maintaining or upgrading your home this winter, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn more.

Chris Jarvis