3 Ways to Add Old World Charm to Your Home

Do you feel a sense of nostalgia every time you drive by a historic home in Fort Wayne? There's no denying the charm and beauty of old homes. From Tudor style to Victorian era homes, there is something to love about a home that comes from an era of times gone by.
If you're living in a modern home but your yearning for that old-world charm that an older home brings to the table, you're in luck. There are various ways to give new homes the look and feel of historic homes—and with this type of home improvement, it's all about the details.
1. Add Old World Charm with Crown Molding
One of the most notable characteristics of older homes is crown molding. Crown molding is a sought-after feature with many homeowners, whether your home is old or new. If your home doesn't contain any crown molding, this is a relatively easy home upgrade that you can tackle on your own.
You can typically order crown molding from a home improvement store, but it's up to you to do the cutting, sanding, painting, and installing. This Old House gives a step-by-step overview on how you can add crown molding to your home in a weekend. Consider adding it to your living room and around window frames for the most authentic old-world look.

2. Amp up the Charm with Window Grids
Window grids have quite the history. They've been around longer than glass on windows and they were originally engineered to keep intruders at bay. Eventually, window grids became a decorative option for homeowners—and they make quite an impression in terms of old world charm.
Diamond grids are one of the best patterns to go with if you want your home to feel as if it's from another era. These grids look great in Tudor homes, but they are also the perfect complement to modern architecture.

3. Built-in Bookcases
Nothing says old world quite like built-in bookcases. Not only do they add historic flair to your living room, but they are also wonderful for adding extra storage. If you don't have the budget to install real built-in book cases, you're in luck. There are several ways to create faux bookshelves on this article from Apartment Therapy. You can place your faux book shelves under your windows or have them stretch floor-to-ceiling for a dramatic look.
Even if your home was built yesterday, you can absolutely capture a historic look and feel by adding the right features. Universal Windows Direct can help you create historically accurate windows and doors that reflect eras of times gone by.

Chris Jarvis