The Guide to Window Replacement in 2018

Now that a new year is here, homeowners are already thinking about upgrades to make for the upcoming season. Whether you’re set on window installation this winter or later in the year, this guide can help you make the right decision this year.

Choosing Window Frame Materials

One of the first steps to buying replacement windows in 2018 is considering frame material. There are several options available for frame materials, with wood and vinyl serving as the most popular.

Wood windows are a traditional frame material that adds warmth the curb appeal. However, the downside is that these frames are expensive—almost 30% more than vinyl. They also must be maintained regularly to prevent chipping, peeling paint, and even rot.

Vinyl window frames are a favorite pick across America. They are an affordable yet durable alternative to wood. They also come in a beautiful palette of colors that enhance curb appeal.

If you choose vinyl, be sure that you don’t select the cheapest option. This can lead to problems such as the frame failing within a few short years.

Tripe Pane Glass

Tripe Pane Glass

Choosing a Glass Package

The glass package is another important consideration with new windows. Without an energy efficient glass package, you are essentially filling a hole in the wall. A replacement window needs a glass package with the bells and whistles for saving energy.

What are those bells and whistles? Argon and krypton gas are invisible, odorless gases that are inserted between the glass panes. The purpose of these gases is to make the window more thermally efficient—which means your home remains more comfortable regardless of temperature and season.

The next component of the glass package is low-e. This is also invisible, except it is a coating that is applied to the glass. The coating reduces heat transfer by reflecting heat in the summer. It also helps block energy from escaping during the winter.

Dual and triple pane glass are the two common options for residential windows. While dual pane is energy efficient, triple pane takes energy savings to the next level. Triple pane uses an extra pane of glass to create a dramatically energy efficient window. The extra pane of glass allows for a second chamber for krypton gas. It also offers sound-blocking technology for a quieter, more comfortable home.

High-Quality Bow Window

High-Quality Bow Window

 Choosing Quality Materials

We can’t stress enough how important it is to choose quality replacement windows. Although cheaper windows are tempting due to the low price tag, they may never pay for themselves if your utility bills remain high. Low quality windows are also subject to warping, peeling, cracking, along with other aesthetic and performance problems.

When you upgrade with replacement windows in 2018, be sure to work with a company that offers a solid warranty and professional installation. To learn more about home windows, contact us today with questions.