How to Prevent Energy Loss Before Winter Kicks Into High Gear

The days are shorter and the air is getting colder. Before you know it, you’ll be turning up the heat and wishing that your home was conserving a bit more energy when you need it the most. Consider the following key tips to prevent energy loss now.

Windows are on the list. Read More to see what you should check on your windows.

Windows are on the list. Read More to see what you should check on your windows.

Cap the Chimney if You Don’t Use it

Do you have a decorative fireplace in the home with a functioning chimney? If you never use the fireplace to heat your home, consider having it permanently capped. At the very least, make sure the damper is creating a tight seal so warm air doesn’t escape.


FYI: A fireplace isn’t the most efficient way to heat your home. According to Indiana Michigan Power, 80% to 90% of the heat produced from a fireplace is lost out the chimney.


Swap Out Those Summer Curtains

During the summer, you might hang up light and sheer curtains to let the sun shine through. As we head into autumn, swap out those curtains for a heavier fabric that provides a little bit of insulation. You’ll want to keep the curtains open during the day to help the sun heat the home, but close them at night to conserve energy.


Warm Up Your Floors

Believe it or not, 10%-15% of energy loss is accounted through gaps in the floorboards. If it doesn’t sound practical to replace your flooring, you can help the cause by putting down an area rug or two. You’ll block air from escaping while keeping your toes warm.


Check Your Windows

Windows can help save a lot of energy, but outdated windows can do the exact opposite. Old and drafty windows can quickly increase your energy bills and make the home feel cold.


Autumn is an excellent time for window replacement and getting ahead on winter energy savings. How do you know that it’s time to replace your windows and not just upgrade the weatherstripping to block drafts? Look for the following signs:


●      The glass panes are foggy and it won’t wipe away.

●      The windows won’t stay closed or you have a hard time opening them.

●      The windows are around 20 years old.

●      The windows are wood and you notice the frames beginning to rot or even crumbling apart.


Is Your Home Ready for Cold Weather?

Luckily, it’s not too late to get your home prepared for winter weather. In addition to window replacement, UWD can help insulate your home with products including entry doors, insulated siding panels, and new roofing. Contact us now to get your free estimate booked.


Chris Jarvis