6 Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Garden Window

Whether you’re the lucky owner of a garden window or you’re considering getting one installed, these small but charming windows make an impact in the home. Most commonly found in the kitchen, a garden window enhances all types of homes from cozy cottages to quaint Cape Cods.

 Here are a few smart ways to get the most from a garden window:

Garden Windows are a Great Way to Bring a Garden Inside your Home.

Garden Windows are a Great Way to Bring a Garden Inside your Home.

#1: Bring in the Beauty of Nature

This is the most common way to use a garden window, but it’s also one of the most enjoyable.


With the purpose reflected in the window’s name, a garden window is a great place to display potted plants. You can enjoy your green thumb year-round with a garden window and plant until your heart’s content.


#2: Let in the Light

A garden window can help stream natural light into the home for a brighter, cheerier living space. This is especially true if you are trying to overhaul a dark and dreary kitchen.


Adequate natural light is another reason why the garden window is ideal for blooming flowers. It protrudes out from the home about 18” and provides plants with the ultimate sun-basking space.


#3: Add Dimension

A garden window is 3 dimensional. It’s engineered features two operable side windows, a top window, and a front window. It also can include shelving to give your houseplants a place to live.


If you’re bored with the slider, casement, or fixed window above your kitchen sink, a garden window adds dimension and wow-factor.


#4: Incorporate Cooking

While a garden window is a great place to grow flowers, don’t forget about an indoor herb garden. You can make your garden window a part of your daily cooking routine by growing all kinds of herbs such as basil, thyme, and rosemary.


#5: Increase Indoor Ventilation

If you love the smell of autumn in the air, use your garden window to enjoy the season before temperatures get too cold. You’re sure to smell all the delights of fall, including the scent of fallen leaves and bonfires.


#6: Keep Your Home Cozy

When temperatures eventually drop, you’re sure to stay snug with the help of your garden window. Just like other energy efficient windows, garden windows are designed and professionally installed to block drafts and increase energy savings.


As you can see, a garden window is both fun and functional. If you’re thinking about installing garden windows in your Fort Wayne home, contact us today to get your free quote.