How to Conserve Energy During Cold Fort Wayne Winters

Can you believe these falling temperatures lately? What happened to the warm and sunny summer days? 

Winter weather is here and if you’re feeling the chill, we have a few energy saving tips that can help you conserve energy during the coldest days of the year.


Let in the Light

Looking for a free way to get a warmer home? Try taking advantage of sunlight! (Fun fact: the word apricity means the warmth of sunlight in the winter.)


Keep your curtains open during the winter during the daytime. This allows maximum sunlight to stream through and help heat your home. Window glazing can increase this effect, so you’ll get the best results if you have energy efficient windows installed.


Switch up Your Window Treatments

Time to take down those light and sheer curtains you had hanging during the summer and replace them with thicker window treatments such as blackout curtains. The Department of Energy also suggests upgrading to insulated cellular shades or window quilts---a sheet of quilted materials that rolls up and down like a cellular shade, but costs less.


Layer Up

No one wants a freezing house during the winter time. But if your love of a warm and cozy home is biting into your bank account, sweaters and blankets can help take off the chill. You’ll be able to dial back the heat a bit without breaking your heating budget.


Seal Air Leaks

Unfortunately, there are dozens of places where energy can escape from your home. Inefficient windows account for 30% energy loss, which can escape from around the window frames. You can help the cause by applying new caulk---make sure it’s silicone!


Other areas where air can leak includes gaps around chimney flashing and even recessed lighting inside your home.


Replace Outdated Exterior Products

Inefficient exterior products can cost you a fortune during the winter. You can literally be losing hundreds of dollars every year on your energy bills if you are living with inefficient windows, siding, doors, and even the roof over your head.

double hung windows.jpg


Windows - Upgrade to energy efficient windows with triple pane glass, certified by Energy Star.


Roofing - Invest in a multi-layer roofing system with adequate ventilation, which is key to regulating heating bills in the winter.


Insulated Vinyl Siding - Siding replacement with insulated panels can help block energy from escaping through wood studs.


Door Replacement - Replace entry doors with a product that contains an internal foam core. Make sure the door is professionally installed and plumb within the frame to reduce drafts.


Did you find these winter energy savings tips useful? We’re happy to help! If you want us to look over your old windows, doors, siding, and roofing, get in touch with us to set up an appointment to keep you warm this winter.

Chris Jarvis