Why Should You Install Vinyl Siding in the Winter?

Winter is on its way and cold wind gusts might might have you thinking about the performance of your exterior. Siding plays a major role in protecting the exterior of your home, but you might be thinking it’s too late for vinyl siding installation and you’ll need to wait until spring.

The good news is that replacing old siding is always a good idea, and you can certainly get it replaced in the winter. Here are the reasons why you should consider this upgrade when the weather turns cold.

Heat Mag Imaging shows the loss of heat out of the home. Vinyl Siding acts as a barrier.

Heat Mag Imaging shows the loss of heat out of the home. Vinyl Siding acts as a barrier.

Vinyl Siding Installation Saves Energy

If you’re dreading those winter energy bills, vinyl siding replacement can keep more money in your wallet. The key is to choose insulated siding, which uses foam backing to prevent energy loss. Not to mention, insulated panels also keep the panels looking nice and straight after installation and reduces outdoor noise. 

As insulated vinyl siding panels work to prevent energy loss in the home, you’ll be feeling snug as a bug in a rug during the coldest winter days! 

Vinyl Siding Looks Beautiful - Even During Dreary Days

After the holidays are over and the lights and decorations are down for the year, you might be left with curb appeal that’s seen better days. But even the coldest and dreariest winter days are no match for new vinyl siding! 

You can take your pick from a striking palette of exterior paint colors that’s so beautiful that it looks like a sparkling holiday display all year long. 

No Worry of Moisture Damage

One of the major drags of winter is all the moisture, whether it’s in the form of snow, freezing rain, or even melting ice.  

If you have wood siding, this moisture can cause some major damage to the exterior as years go by. Not only will the color peel and fade away, but it can ultimately cause the wood panels to rot and even crumble away. 

Since vinyl siding isn’t susceptible to moisture damage, you won’t lie in bed on a cold winter’s night wondering about the state of your siding. 

Beauty that Lasts for Winter after Winter

Winter isn’t the only time that you’ll enjoy this exterior upgrade! In fact, good quality siding can last around 20 years. That’s a lot of winters and many happy memories that you’ll live with exceptionally stunning curb appeal!  

If your current exterior is making your holiday decorating a drag, we can give you a refresh that brings out the best in your curb appeal while saving energy! You’ll feel holly jolly with your new vinyl siding installation that gets you right into the holiday spirit while keeping everyone warm inside. Contact us now if you have any questions on vinyl siding installation in the winter.

Chris Jarvis