5 Ways to Fight Snow and Ice Before They Cause Major Damage

Brrrrrrr! The Arctic breeze has brought cold winds, snow, and ice to town. The elements, especially ice and snow, can be a major headache for homeowners, no matter what size your home.

Ice and snow buildup is water. Water can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. From falling on slick surfaces to major water damage inside your home, preventing ice and snow buildup before it turns into a major, expensive problem is priority 1. Today’s blog post covers 5 Ways to Fight Snow and Ice Before They cause Major Damage.

Ice damns and dangerous falling ice. Oh My!

Ice damns and dangerous falling ice. Oh My!

#1: Keep Walkways Clear

Remember, people falling on your property is your responsibility.  Keep your walkways clear and slip free is priority one. Untreated wooden steps and porches are hazardous and are often difficult to gauge when the temperatures dip.


Always shovel walkways and if you haven’t treated your wooden porch or steps with anti-slip floor coating, you can try using peel-and-stick abrasive tape or screw down mesh strips to avoid falls and potential lawsuits. 


If shoveling snow, cooking spray can provide an inexpensive way to keep snow from sticking to your shovel or snow blower blades. Make sure you wipe down your shovel or snow blower blades down before you put them away. You will be amazed at how this helps with thick and heavy snow.    


#2: Remove Ice Dams From Your Roof

Ask any insurance agent what causes the most water damage to home roofs and they will tell you ice dams, not snow is the culprit. Ice dams are caused by heat from your home living space rising unevenly under your roof. The higher parts of your roof heat faster than the bottom and melt the snow. The lower portion of your roof by your eaves stays at freezing temperatures causing melting snow to form an ice dam.


Well maintained roofs with adequate attic ventilation and insulation in your attic floor prevent ice dams and roof damage. Call Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne and we can check your roof and attic to see if your roof is up to the winter weather blitz.


#3: Keep Gutters Free Flowing and Avoid Ice Buildup

Long icicles are not only a potential sign of ice dams, they also can be caused by clogged gutters. Large pieces of ice are heavy and can break off and fall on anything below.


Make sure your gutters are cleaned or better getter Bolt Gutter protection. Gutter protection keeps debris from entering your gutters in the first place and will move melting water into your gutters and not over them and onto the ground near your home’s foundation. 




#4: Leaking Windows = Sad Winter Faces

Cold, drafty windows make your winter days inside a bone chilling experience nobody enjoys. It also drains money from your bank account because those inefficient windows are letting your warm air flow outside.


There are many reasons why windows are drafty, but you should check the caulking to make sure it still insulating your windows and have your windows checked. Universal Windows Direct of Fort Wayne can test to see how badly your windows are leaking energy.  If necessary, we can show you the latest EnergyStar rated windows which are backed by a Lifetime Plus 30-year warranty covering you for the life of your home and the next owner for 30 years.  


#5: Keep Your Sliding Glass Door From Freezing Shut

Preventing a sliding glass door from freezing can be as easy as applying an insulating lubricant such as WD-40 to the tracks or more challenging when you have excess humidity in your home which may can cause condensation to form and freeze on and around your door.


If your sliding glass door freezes shut and condensation is not the problem, the track is probably frozen. Wait until the temperature rises and try the door again. If the ice has melted, wipe the track dry with a clean cloth and apply an insulating lubricant. 


Universal Windows Direct of Fort Wayne is dedicated to helping you keep your home’s exterior healthy all year long. Snow and ice can cause a lot of damage. With a little planning and a watchful eye, you can tackle any issues early, before they cause serious damage. If your windows, roof, doors, or gutters show any of the signs of failing or if you are not sure, call us.  We can fix many problems in the early stages and prevent energy loss and major, expensive repairs.


Chris Jarvis