4 Gutter System Winter Weather Woes

It’s winter time and the chore of raking up piles of autumn leaves is finally over. Even though the trees have shed their leaves for the season, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other potential pitfalls lurking that can wreak havoc on your gutter system! 

Keep your eye out for these 4 winter weather woes that can hurt your gutters and other aspects of your home!


Woe #1: Leaves

That’s right---leaves are still a problem for your gutters, even in the winter. This is especially true if you don’t have gutter guards installed. If you haven’t cleaned out your gutter system recently, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise once you climb up on the ladder.


If you have leaves in your gutter system from a few months ago, get them out as soon as possible. Ridding of clogs can save you from major headaches later in the season.


Woe #2: Snow

Snow is heavy. One foot of fresh wet snow can weigh up to 21 pounds! Imagine this amount of weight piling up on your gutters as well as your roof after a major snowstorm.


Not only is the weight of snow an issue, but so is buildup. Gutters simply can’t function correctly when they’re clogged with snow.


Woe #3: Ice

It’s the nemesis for any gutters in Fort Wayne: ice! Whether we’re talking icicles or ice dams, there are plenty of reasons that ice is one of the biggest woes your gutters will encounter.


Icicles hanging down off your gutters can signify poor ventilation in your roof. This means that you might be losing precious heat from your home and paying a high price on your energy bills. If you discover very large ice icicles hanging from your gutters, keep an eye on them but don’t try to remove them yourself. Falling ice is unpredictable and can cause major injury.


Lastly, ice dams are one of the major downfalls of your gutter system. In fact, if not prevented, ice dams can damage the gutters to the point of no return. Ice dams can accumulate on the gutters and pull them right off of your roof!


Woe #4: How to Protect Gutters in the Winter

Luckily, not all hope is lost when you’re dealing with winter gutter woes. One of the key aspects of protecting your gutters (and your pocketbook) is by investing in gutter protection.


There are several types of gutter guards, so what is the best type? Glad you asked! We recommend stainless steel mesh, such as Bolt gutter protection. This allows the smallest debris to trickle through the system without resulting in any clogs. Meanwhile, water effortlessly flows through the gutters without all the drama that comes along with it.


One last reminder: If you’re experiencing ice dams, there is a good chance that you’re having problems with roofing ventilation. Talk to us --- we can help!


Chris Jarvis