4 Reasons to Consider Fixed Window Designs

You’re ready for new window installation and you’re looking for the perfect window style. There are plenty of window styles to choose from, especially when you factor in the possibilities for geometric-shaped windows as well as custom shapes and sizes.

Window replacement has many advantages, from increasing energy savings to making the home look more beautiful. Another advantage is better ventilation, but not all window styles are ideal for maximizing airflow.

What is a Fixed Window?

A fixed window is a window product that does not have operable sashes or hinges. It is intentionally designed to stay closed. While this sounds peculiar when you think about the basic functioning of a window, homeowners choose fixed windows for a variety of reasons.

Reason #1: Increased Natural Sunlight


If your goal is to increase natural light in the home, there is plenty of opportunity with a fixed window. The benefit comes from the absence of the sash, which would otherwise prevent light from flowing into the living space.

Reason #2: Extensive Views of the Outdoors

The absence of the sash also allows for sweeping views of the outdoors. If your home is surrounding by impressive views, it’s wise to install a fixed window in an area such as the living room, entryway, or even the kitchen.

 Reason #3: Fixed Windows are Energy Efficient

Fixed windows offer the same energy saving advantages of operable windows. Homeowners can opt for dual or triple pane fixed windows with energy-saving gases argon and krypton. Low-e glazing is applied to keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Reason #4: Fixed Windows are Available in Many Designs

A Beautiful Transom above the Doorway adds to the Elegance of your Home.

A Beautiful Transom above the Doorway adds to the Elegance of your Home.

Those who want to make an impact on the exterior should consider fixed windows. These windows are custom made to fit any home’s architecture, including homes with vintage flair or rustic charm. For ideas on fixed window designs, these are a few of the most popular:

●      Geometric windows: Fixed windows are available in interesting geometric shapes such as trapezoid or octagon. Victorian homes are the perfect example of showcasing fixed geometric windows, as these windows add character to the home with mix-and-match capabilities.

●      Transom windows: Transom windows are designed to fit over a door and increase natural light.

●      Picture windows: As one of the most popular fixed window styles, a picture window is a captivating upgrade for all areas of the home, from living rooms to dining rooms.

Adding fixed windows to the home can result in better curb appeal, increased property value, and exceptional beauty. For more ideas and inspiration with interesting window styles, keep following our weekly blog.