The Trouble with Mass-Produced Windows: Why Going Custom is Better for Your Money

When it comes to window replacement, it’s no surprise that prices are all over the map. After doing some research, you might find that the local home improvement store offers windows at a low price—and you’re tempted to head over and pick out your prized windows.

Before you decide to turn to big box stores for window installation, don’t grab your keys and jump into the car just yet. There are a few things to consider before moving in this direction, which can ultimately save you money in the long run and eliminate a lot of future headaches.

Trouble #1: Produced Quickly and Cheaply

What’s wrong with quick and cheap? Well, unless you’re in the fast food industry, there is a lot wrong with quick and cheap. With replacement windows, the last thing you want is a window that is mass-produced on a conveyer belt and “ready to go” for installation.

The problem here is that low quality materials are typically used. This means that the vinyl can warp, bend, or otherwise fail to perform in a few short years. Even though you scored a bargain on mass-produced windows, you’ll be heading for another window replacement project in just a couple years.

Windows MUST be properly measured.

Windows MUST be properly measured.

Trouble #2: Measurements Matter

When a window is mass-produced, it comes in specified sizes that are pre-made for an opening in the home. If this measurement happens to fit correctly into your exterior, great! You overcame a big hurdle with mass-produced windows.

However, here is where measurements might become an issue. Even if the measurements of the window are off by a few centimeters, this can cause a lot of problems with energy loss. Inefficient windows can cause your energy bill to skyrocket as much as 25%—imagine what a 1/8” gap in the frame will do?

Proper installation is the key to preventing energy loss.

Proper installation is the key to preventing energy loss.

Trouble #3: Installation Might be on You

We’ve warned before of DIY window installation. This certainly applied to mass-produced windows found at the home improvement store. Not only are you likely going home with a subpar product, but it needs correct installation for guaranteed performance.

When you choose an expert for window installation, the pros fully outweigh the cons. The price tag is a bit higher than what you’ll find at the big box store, but you’ll know that the windows are effectively blocking drafts and keeping your home comfortable.

Keep in mind that even the most energy efficient windows will fail to perform if they’re incorrectly installed. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a trusted window replacement company to supply quality products with professional installation.

If you’re turning to a big box store because you’re not sure what to buy, let us help first. We’re the seasoned professionals with window replacement and we’re ready to get you on the right path with quality and efficient products.