What Does Your Ideal Entry Door Color Say About Your Personality?

An entry door is a small exterior upgrade that makes a big statement. It’s also a highly customizable upgrade that can add a significant amount of personality to any home. Whether you want your curb appeal to look stately or playful, entry doors can help you design your dream curb appeal.

When you order an entry door primed, you can apply your perfect paint color to complement your exterior. There is undoubtedly a world of options that you can choose for a new door, and we’re here to show you what your favorite entry door color says about your personality.

Red Entry Door: Lover of Life

Red is one of the most popular entry door colors in America. Not only does the color make a statement, it also says a thing or two about your personality.

Homeowners with a red front door are thought to be full of life. Color psychology also says that you are bold and want to make a lasting impression on every person you meet. You are also extroverted and confident.


Green Entry Door: Down-to-Earth

Homeowners who have a green entry door are seen as down-to-earth and a lover of nature.

A green entry door also represents balance, kindness, and compassion.

Color psychology suggests that people who love the color green are social. This is the perfect color to complement your curb appeal while welcoming friends and family inside of your home.

Yellow Entry Door: Happy

Yellow is perhaps one of the happiest colors. It’s also dubbed as the color of wisdom and imagination. If your home is sporting a yellow entry door, this shows that you have a sunny personality and a great sense of humor.

It also suggests that you’re a clear thinker with a lot of ideas.

Purple Entry Door: Artistic

With Pantone’s color of the year announced as ultra violet, you might find a surprising number of purple doors around here in Fort Wayne.

If you’re the owner of a purple front door, this shows that you’re artistic and creative. You are also seen as unconventional and tolerant.


Turquoise Entry Door: Original

A turquoise entry door can be remarkably beautiful. If this is the entry door color of your choice, color psychology says that you are complex, imaginative, and original. You are also highly committed to your job and family.

Blue: Soothing

Do you have a blue entry door? If so, you’re seen as soothing and caring. You are also patient, sensitive, and self-controlled.

Universal Windows Direct offers custom-made entry doors in an array of modern colors. Pick your perfect entry door and contact us today for a free quote.

Chris Jarvis