4 Exterior Spring Cleaning Tips to Welcome the New Season

As we wait for the official arrival of spring—which is March 22, not that we’re counting—you might notice that your exterior is looking a little drab these days. During the winter season, dirt easily accumulates on your siding, window frames, and even gutters. After the snow disappears, you’re likely looking at a dirty exterior that says anything but “spring is here.”

For homeowners who need to tackle some exterior spring cleaning, consider the following tips to welcome the new season:

Tip #1: Get Ready to Scrub

If your exterior is dingy and dirty, you’ll want to get your scrub brush ready. Getting rid of dirt and mud will instantly give your exterior a facelift---and you won’t have to spend a dime.

Your approach to scrubbing your exterior depends on the materials. Be forewarned that power washing isn’t always the best approach, especially with vinyl. In fact, some vinyl siding manufacturers will void your warranty if you power wash your siding.

The safe way to clean vinyl siding is with a mild cleaning solution and a scrub brush. A brush similar to what you’d use to wash a car will work. You can use a mild dish soap with water, or make your own cleaning solution that’s 70% water and 30% white vinegar.

This cleaning solution also works for vinyl window frames.

Be careful if you choose to use a pressure washer!

Be careful if you choose to use a pressure washer!

Tip #2: Clean up the Landscaping

This is an important step for getting your landscaping back into tip-top shape. Once the weather breaks, take time to clean the flowerbed of leaves and debris. If you use a shredder, you can turn sticks and debris into mulch for the upcoming season.

You’ll also want to check winter plants for damage and carefully prune branches. This will tidy up the plants and make them look fresh and healthy for spring.

Tip #3: Power Wash and Seal the Driveway

If you were wanting the opportunity the power wash something, your driveway and sidewalks provide the perfect opportunity. This will help you get rid of stubborn dirt and tree stains.

This video gives tips and insight on how you can remove dirt and muck from your driveway with the help of a pressure washer.

Tip #4: Clean, Repair, or Replace the Roof

Winter weather can wear down old roofs, so be sure to give it attention this spring season. Grab a ladder and remove debris such as branches or potentially garbage that was blown up there by the wind. If you find that your roof is heavily soiled or missing shingles, you might need to make plans for repair or replacement.

We hope that these exterior tips help you get a head start on your spring cleaning. Keep following our weekly blog for more ways to improve your home.