4 Timeless Window Styles to Enhance Your Home

Decor trends come and go and this remains true for exterior remodeling as well. Windows are an architectural element that has been around for centuries. Even though windows were essentially a hole in the wall in the beginning, their evolution has transformed the way we style our homes while saving energy.

If you’re thinking about window replacement and you want classic or traditional curb appeal, these are timeless window styles that have survived for decades:

Get the FULL view with a Picture Window.

Get the FULL view with a Picture Window.

1. Picture Windows

If you think about it, the concept of a picture window is quite simple. It is a window that doesn’t open or close and provides a view of the outside world. While they’re not ideal for ventilation, they can brighten living spaces and serve as artwork on the wall.

Picture windows are found in all kinds of architectures, although they work best on walls where there is a lot of space for a large window. These windows are typically rectangular, but they can come in many shapes and sizes---even geometric.

If you want a little more character than a standard picture window, you can always consider adding grids. This will add visual interest to the window and make it stand out. Picture windows can also be combined with other window styles such as casements and double hungs.

2. Double Hung Windows

Speaking of double hung windows, these are perhaps the most classic window style available. Their evolution began in the 1800s as single hung windows. Over time, these evolved into double hung. Double hung is a convenient replacement window because it has two operable sashes that maximize airflow.

The double hung is an extremely versatile window style that complements nearly any architecture from any era. If you’re in doubt of what window style to choose for your home, consider double hung window installation.

3. Circle-shaped Windows

Windows aren’t always square or rectangular. In fact, circle-shaped windows are found in some of the oldest architectures in America.

For example, some Victorian homes have circle windows. Half-circle or half-round windows are also common in Victorian homes, although they can be found in other home styles from modern to historic.


4. Casement Windows

According to Britannica, casement windows are the earliest version of an operable window. In England and Germany, it was custom to have windows opening outward. This window style dates all the way back to Medieval times.

Casement windows were originally in US homes to provide access to balconies. Today, they are windows that open with a crank handle. They are perfect for enhancing ventilation in the home and complementing curb appeal.

Choosing any of these windows will surely provide unforgettable curb appeal. We offer custom window design for any home Fort Wayne. Contact us now to learn more.