5 Reasons to Consider Specialty Shaped Windows

Specialty windows add something special to the home. They offer unique structure to the exterior and often make passers-by do a double take. If you’re looking for new window installation for your Fort Wayne home and want to know about a few unique options, consider specialty shaped windows.

What are Specialty Shaped Windows?

Specialty shaped windows come in an array of shapes that are different than a standard rectangular window, such as a double hung. They are typically stationary and aren’t the best choice for ventilation. However, these windows are intricately designed and make a spectacular impression on curb appeal.

Reason #1: Make Your Home More Distinguishable

When you’re giving directions for someone to visit your home, describing your house as “the blue one” doesn’t seem very helpful.


However, imagine if you had a large and interesting window front-and-center of your home. A large foyer window with a bell-top curve can look both elegant and inviting. Not to mention, it makes your home a lot easier to spot from the street.

Reason #2: Specialty Shaped Windows are a Statement Piece

If you are looking to add oomph to your curb appeal, statement windows are one of the best ways to add character. In fact, specialty windows are often used as a standalone window. Their interesting shape draws the eye to the window and turns it into a work of art.

Reason #3: You Can Choose Your One-of-a-Kind Shape

Specialty shaped windows are made-to-order and fit within the unique specifications and architecture of your home. These windows make it easy to complement a variety of architectures ranging from Craftsman style homes to eclectic Victorian homes.

Reason #4: They’re Fun to Mix and Match

One of the best advantages of choosing specialty shaped windows is that you can pick and choose a variety of shapes to mix and match. This is a great approach for homeowners looking for an eclectic curb appeal, but it can also look beautiful and streamlined for modern homes.


For example, try combining a half-circle window with a double hung window and casement windows, as shown above. This is a truly unique yet inviting window that filters plenty of natural light into the home.

Reason #5: Save More Energy

Specialty shaped windows might have a unique appearance, but this doesn’t make them any less efficient. Your new specialty shaped replacement windows are made of high quality vinyl to defend against the elements to resist rot. Professional window installation also provides an airtight seal to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Specialty shaped windows make a statement while improving curb appeal and increasing energy savings. Choose specialty shaped windows that are certified by Energy Star for best results for energy savings and quality. Contact Universal Windows Direct today for a quote.