How To Choose the Best Replacement Windows: Energy Savings, Style, and More


Take a look at your utility bills from the last several months. As we head into August, you probably have some opinions on the price of your energy bills lately. If it’s a little (or a lot) higher than you imagined, you might want to think about replacing those windows as we head further into the year.


But how do you choose the best replacement windows for your home in Fort Wayne? We have a few tips to steer you straight:


How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows

We could bore you with all the mumbo-jumbo jargon of energy efficient windows, but we know that doesn’t matter much to you. Instead, we’re going to make it easy for you with choosing energy efficient windows for the home.


A big indicator of energy savings the Energy Star logo. It looks like this:

energy star.png


As a government-backed program, this logo is applied to windows that represent the best in energy savings. These windows use all of the necessary technologies to keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, just like our UniShield® windows do for Fort Wayne homeowners.


Another tip: spring for professional window installation. The performance and lifespan of the window depend on it.  Universal Windows of Fort Wayne provides local, professional installation.  


What’s the Best Window Frame Material?

Wood is a traditional window frame material, but it’s certainly not the best. Wood poses a lot of problems if it’s not regularly maintained, including peeling, warping, and even rotting.


Vinyl is an affordable, durable, and beautiful material for replacement windows. Since it’s essentially non-porous, it won't rot from moisture damage. It also won’t peel and it does not require sanding, painting, or staining.




Selecting the Right Window Style

Fort Wayne homeowners have the luxury of choosing from limitless window shapes and styles. Double hung windows are a classic choice that complements nearly any curb appeal. Bay and bow windows are best for creating a dramatic impact on the exterior. For homeowners who want maximized views of the outdoors, consider a picture window or slider window.


If you can’t find the right window style for your home, did you know that you can combine window styles to create your ideal arrangement?


A good example includes one picture window with a casement window on either side. Another popular option uses a transom window over a rectangular picture window.


What’s the Right Window for You?

Whether your taste is modern or traditional, Universal Windows Direct has countless window options available for you. Find out more but exploring our window products page or contacting us today for a quote.