How to Fix Squeaky Windows and Other Easy Maintenance Tips


You wake up in the night feeling a cold breeze come through the window. You slide out of bed to close the window and return to the cozy blankets, when the window squeaks so loud that it wakes up your sleeping partner … and your dog … and your neighbor across the street.


Living with loud windows is annoying to say the least. If you’re wondering how to fix squeaky windows, we have the answers along with additional easy maintenance tips.


How to Fix a Squeaky Window

The good news is that you don’t have to be a super handyman to fix a squeaky window. Windows become squeaky for several reasons, such as wood window hinges turning to rust or simply some dirt getting inside of the tracks.


If the window has a hinge, such as a casement window, you can try to spray some WD40 on a rag and wipe it down. The oil must penetrate the inside of the hinges to get instant results. If the window doesn’t have hinges, some areas you can try with this approach is wiping the solution on the jams for a double hung window.


Keep in mind that you don’t want to over spray the window because it can result in staining.


How to Clean Dirty Window Tracks

If dirt is causing the windows to squeak or even stick, you can get it clean with a couple handy supplies.


All you need is:


·         An old toothbrush

·         White vinegar

·         Baking soda

·         Paper towels

·         A butter knife


Sprinkle baking soda on the worst parts of the window, which is normally the corners. Cover it with a little bit of vinegar, and it will start bubbling—this is what you want to happen.


Next, leave it alone for about 10 minutes to work out the grime.


When it’s ready, tackle the tracks with your old toothbrush. Use a knife to get into the corners and wipe away the excess with a rag.





How to Clean Window Glass Like a Pro

It’s not a lot of fun to clean windows, but with vinyl windows you’ll mostly only have to worry about cleaning the glass panes.


One way to clean windows without streaks is by using vinegar. It cleans and kills germs on nearly any surface is touches, and it’s perfect for cleaning off window film that forms on the glass surface.


·         Mix 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% tap water in a bottle

·         If using a sponge, wet the glass surface first and then clean

·         With a squeegee, dampen tit first and clean from the top down while wiping the edge after every stroke

·         Do not clean when the sun is shining directly on the window

·         Immediately dry the window frames


We hope these tips help you maintain your windows and keep them looking (and functioning) in peak condition. Continue to follow our weekly blog to learn more about window maintenance, tips, and tricks.

Chris Jarvis