Should You Replace Your Windows Before Winter?



With recent high temperatures and humidity in Fort Wayne, the last thing you’re thinking about is winter. But the reality is that the first day of autumn isn’t that far away---and you know what comes next.


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The good news is that there is still warm weather and sunny days to enjoy. However, if you’re thinking about replacing your windows, getting the job done before winter will maximize your investment.


Getting a Head Start on Energy Savings

The average low temperature in January here in Fort Wayne is a mere 17 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the Department of Energy, heating can account for 48% of your energy bills. That’s a lot of money to give to your gas or electric company, especially when all you’re trying to do is not freeze to death.


This is the perfect time of year to replace your windows since it gets you ahead of the game of saving energy. When the first snowflake hits the ground, you’ll be cozied up on your couch without worrying about your windows.


Beat the Autumn Window Installation Rush

Not to mention, phone calls start pouring in around September/October when homeowners realize that winter is right around the corner. This is when window companies get booked up and you’re left waiting several weeks to get new windows installed.


When you book your appointment now, you can help expedite the process and beat the autumn installation rush.


Get Rid of Those Uncomfortable Drafts

Did you know that drafts are one of the biggest reasons why homeowners replace their windows? Drafts are certainly an annoyance in the summer, but feeling a cool breeze in your home during the winter is the definition of discomfort.


New window installation is the most effective ways to get rid of cold drafts for good. Replacing weatherstripping on old windows is a band-aid approach, especially when the energy efficient gases have long left your old windows.  


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Take Advantage of Professional Installation

When you work with Universal Windows Fort Wayne, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your windows are installed professionally and will provide years of comfort while protecting you and your family during bitter cold winter days and nights and steamy summers year after year.  Incorrectly installed windows can lead to significant drafts, making your home uncomfortable to live in while driving up your energy bills.    


The Most Energy Efficient Windows for Winter

Choose replacement windows that are certified by Energy Star and expertly installed by local window companies. You’ll find the blue seal of approval on these windows, which signifies that you’re investing in some of the best replacement windows in the business.

For examples of Energy Star-certified windows, make sure you check out our awesome UniShield window products.


Want to save more energy this winter? Contact Universal Windows Direct for a free in-home demonstration of our exceptionally efficient UniShield windows.

Chris Jarvis