How to Get the Best Value When You Buy Vinyl Siding


Nearly every homeowner in Fort Wayne wants their home to look its best inside and out.  We also want to get the best bang for your buck.  Fortunately, the answer doesn’t necessarily lie in the cost of the siding.

The truth is that there are many components of vinyl siding to consider to truly get the most from your investment. If you really want your exterior to continuously perform while looking beautiful, consider the following:


Don’t Make Price the Top Priority

We get it—you don’t have unlimited funds to improve your exterior. Sometimes you just don’t have the money to buy premium-grade siding that forces you to take out a hefty home improvement loan. But....


There are several problems that come with choosing the lowest quality siding available. This siding is typically from the big box home improvement store and mass produced. While this sounds convenient enough, the issue is that it’s not custom made for your home.


This can result in a fit that’s less than ideal for your exterior. Not only can this create a sloppy installation job (especially if you’re doing it yourself), it can allow moisture behind the panels and that promotes mold and mildew growth which will cause a very expensive problem to fix. 


You don’t have to buy the most expensive siding on the market. In fact, this usually isn’t the best approach, either. There are plenty of affordable vinyl siding options that perform and look just as incredible as top-dollar siding.



Choose Timeless Siding Styles and Colors

Vinyl siding replacement is incredibly versatile. There are nearly limitless combination and styles to vastly improve your curb appeal.


Choose vinyl siding colors and styles that stand the test of time, resulting in an exterior that never ages. Crisp white siding panels and beige are two popular options that will never go out of style. Coordinate or contrast with dark red or black for curb appeal that pops.


Don’t forget that traditional siding doesn’t need to be boring. Upgrade with vinyl scallops or vinyl cedar shakes to add depth and texture.


Install Insulated Siding for a Lifetime of Energy Savings

Insulated siding panels can provide a lifetime of lower energy bills. If you combine these insulated panels with high-quality housewrap, it’s almost impossible to not see a difference in your energy bills.


If you want quality siding without giving away your first arm born and your left arm, we have great news for you. UniShield® vinyl siding is top-quality and continuously performs year after year.


Contact us now to get the best value possible for vinyl siding in Fort Wayne.

Chris Jarvis