Is Your Fort Wayne Home's Curb Appeal Ready for Fall?

Despite temperatures hovering in the upper 80s this week, Fall officially begins September 22. Whether you’re ready for pumpkin picking or you want summer to go on forever, we have some favorite Fall curb appeal ideas that are sure to make your Fort Wayne home ready for the changing season.



Easy and Affordable Updates to Stylize Your Exterior

You can think of upgrading your curb appeal in two ways: small updates that add character, or larger scale upgrades that make a big impact while conserving energy.


These are a few great ideas for small yet classic fall curb appeal ideas.


Classic Corn Stalks

Is it really time for dried corn stalks already? Corn stalks add a decorative touch to any Fort Wayne porch. You can style them by tying them around posts on your porch. You can also tie them around lamp posts in your yard or frame them around your door. This is a low-cost yet effective decor idea to invite autumn into your curb appeal.


Make an Impression with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are perhaps the most classic item you can use for autumn curb appeal. Big or small, carved or plain, pumpkins are perfect for lining the stairs on your front porch and placing around your sidewalk.


Plant Potted Flowers for the Perfect Touch

One of the best characteristics of fall is its deep, rich color palette. From rustic reds to vibrant yellows, consider planting mums to blend with the autumn scenery. Pre-planted mums from your local home and garden center are just about ready to bloom.


Increase Energy Savings for Cold Autumn Nights

Like it or not, cooler weather is coming. Temperatures drop and the first frost forms on top of grass and gardens. Now is the time to start thinking about your autumn energy bill---not to mention, your comfort. There there are several upgrades that can make a big difference.


Window Replacement

Reduce drafts and cool autumn air with new window installation. The key is to install new windows that are certified by Energy Star, which signifies that the windows are engineered to help keep energy bills low.


Entry Door Installation

Don’t hang a beautiful fall wreath on a drab and dreary entry door. Not only will door replacement boost your curb appeal, but it can also increase energy savings. Install an entry door that includes durable weatherstripping and internal foam core for best results.


Quality Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can certainly give your home an autumn makeover, but it also helps lower energy bills. The most efficient vinyl siding includes insulated panels and housewrap.


Overhaul Your Home for Fall

If your Fort Wayne home needs a fall overhaul, we’re here to help. Contact us now to learn more about our energy efficient windows, doors, and vinyl siding.

Chris Jarvis