Custom Made Entry Doors and the 4 Options That Make Them Great

Are you underestimating the power of a custom entry door? This small but mighty exterior upgrade brings a focal point to curb appeal while protecting your family from intruders.

When it comes to customizing entry doors, there’s a world of options to explore—making for the perfect fit for your personality and home style.


Option #1: Low Maintenance Materials

Who wants to spend a Saturday sanding, painting, or staining an old and tired entry door? If your upcoming autumn weekends don’t revolve around maintaining your door, fiberglass is the go-to low-maintenance material for Fort Wayne homes.


Why fiberglass? It’s a waterproof and weather resistant door material that doesn’t require any type of upkeep. You can spend time at the pumpkin patch, going on hayrides, and doing just about other autumn-related activity other than tending to your door.


Option #2: Adding Warmth with Wood Stains

If you want a warm and inviting door, there’s no better choice than to apply a wood stain in your color of choice. Darker wood stains add the most warmth. Imagine coming home to a stately entry door with a door that’s a deep brown wood stain, or even a deep red wood stain.


If you’re looking for elegance and warmth, consider a dark wood stain for your new front door.


Option #3: Pick a Color, Any Color

There are plenty of exterior paint colors to consider for entry door installation, whether you’re looking for traditional, contemporary, or something in between.


Believe it or not, there are door colors that can actually increase the price of your home. Zillow found that navy blue or charcoal grey doors bring the biggest improvement in terms of home value.


How do you choose the right paint color for your entry door? Angie’s List says that traditional homes look best with rich colors such as black or dark red. Contemporary and farmhouse homes look great with bright hues.


Option #4: Bring Personality with Decorative Glass

Decorative glass is one of the best ways to adorn your brand new entry door. If you’re looking for elegant, consider a floral design.


If you’re worried about privacy, rest assured that there is a glass style for you. Most modern decorative glass styles are designed with privacy in mind, but options such as rain glass or glue chip take privacy to the next level.


What’s Your Dream Door?

With all of the beautiful aesthetic options for entry doors, there’s no excuse to settle for boring. We help Ft. Wayne homeowners bring the best to the exterior with high quality fiberglass doors. Contact us now to get a free quote.

Chris Jarvis