4 Signs You Need a New Entry Door

There are several signs that your door is ready for a do-over---some are obvious, others not so much.  If you’re wondering how many more miles you can get out of your door, these signs will let you know when it’s ready for replacement:...


Sign #1: Squeaky, Creaky Hinges

Before you reach for your WD40, your door’s squeaky hinges might be trying to tell you something. This is a sign that the hinges are wearing down, which is something that oil and elbow grease won’t be able to fix.

Not only is this a sign that the door is on its way out, but bad hinges can make forced entry easier---which compromises the security of your home.  If your hinges squeak, it might be time to replace your door.  

Sign #2: Drafts Around the Door

A drafty door can make the home just as uncomfortable as drafty windows. When weatherstripping wears down, unwanted drafts can easily come through the cracks and crevices of the door and even the surrounding frames.

You can usually feel large drafts around the door with your hand. Simply stand near the door on a windy day and you can feel air making its way into your home.   If you feel the draft, it might be time to replace your door.   

Sign #3: Rising Energy Bills

Although energy bills typically rise during the summer, what you’re looking for is higher bills across the board. When your energy bills keep going up without much explanation, your old entry door might be contributing to the problem.

This is because a drafty door will also allow energy to escape. Whether you’re dealing with hot summers or cold winters, your precious energy dollars are going right out the door when it’s old and drafty.  If your energy bills rise with the extreme temperatures, check your entry door.

Sign #4: Troublesome Cosmetic Issues

While a crack in the door might seem like a cosmetic issue, the truth is that trouble is just around the corner. Not only can cracks provide an entry point for pests and drafts, but it also downgrades the structural integrity of the door.

Furthermore, cosmetic complications don’t begin and end with cracks. Another major issue includes wood rot, which eventually makes the wood on your entry door crumble away.  There are other options that look just like wood.  If your door is literally falling apart, it might be time to replace your door.    

Find the Best Entry Door Replacement from Universal Windows Direct

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Chris Jarvis