The 4 Problems Old Windows Have In Winter

Fort Wayne winters are not for the weak. Temperature changes, whipping winds, and ping-pong temperature changes take their toll on outdated exterior elements of your home, including your windows. Old windows can take a serious toll on the appearance and performance of old windows. These are the primary problems to watch for this winter season……


#1: Air Infiltration (Drafts)

This is one of the biggest issues you’ll find with old windows in the winter. When you’re sitting by an old window, you might be a little bewildered when you feel a cold breeze with the windows closed!

 Unfortunately, cold air can easily make its way into your home through old windows. It enters through various access points, including the frame and the sash. This happens when the window is no longer sitting flush inside the frame, so the airtight seal is no longer as effective as before.

 Also, if your window was incorrectly installed in the first place, you’ll feel drafts from the very first days your windows were installed!


#2: Foggy Glass

You might think that foggy glass----window condensation----only appears in the summer. Think of muggy summer days when you see fog on your windows outside.

 In the winter, this is reversed. You’ll find window condensation inside during the winter.

 Why? It’s a sign that the humidity in your home is too high. You might even find condensation forming on the walls surrounding the windows if this is the case.

 Another possible scenario is that you just had new windows installed during the winter. If you’re replacing very outdated windows, the seals are likely much more airtight than what you were living with before. If this is the case, the condensation should resolve itself over time. Condensation that doesn’t go away is a problem!


#3: Sticky Windows

While you won’t have your windows wide open to enjoy the frigid winter days, you might need to open them briefly to air out a room or for cleaning. This is when you might discover the windows are stuck shut! What’s the deal?

During the winter, windows (especially wood) expand and contract from fluctuating temperatures. This is the most common reason why your windows might be stuck shut, but another culprit is dirt inside of the window tracks.


High Energy Costs are even harder to take when everyone inside your home is suffering from uncomfortable drafts.

High Energy Costs are even harder to take when everyone inside your home is suffering from uncomfortable drafts.

#4: High Energy Bills

Perhaps the biggest downfall of all is high energy bills. The heat from your home easily escapes from old windows through the frames and the sill. However, it can escape through the glass as well if it doesn’t contain any type of glazing or insulating properties. In fact, you can be wasting several hundred dollars each year with old windows!

Winter Window Installation

Don’t fear winter window installation! We’re the pros who can install windows during the wintertime quickly and correctly. Contact us to learn more about installing new replacement windows this season.