Most Common Vinyl Siding Questions Answered

Spring is fast approaching and you may be thinking about vinyl siding replacement to improve your home’s curb appeal and improve the insulation of your home. New Siding is an investment that pays big dividends and here are the answers to the most common questions our customers have asked.


Q #1: Can Vinyl Siding be Installed in the Winter?

While vinyl siding is installed during the winter, there are limits to weather conditions. When temperatures become extremely cold, vinyl siding can become too brittle to install properly despite its quality.


Another issue is growth and shrinkage with cold vs warm weather. A 12’ siding panel will adjust +/- ⅝” between summer and winter. The panel can even expand by 40% from extreme temperature variations such as 50 degrees to 100 degrees! This extra space must be accounted for so the siding doesn’t buck when it expands.


Skilled vinyl siding installers can typically handle the job during the winter. However, be sure to hire siding contractors who have experience with winter installation. Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne uses industry best practices when installing siding. We can install your siding in the winter or advise you to wait a few days or weeks until warmer weather arrives.


Q #2: Can Vinyl Siding Look Like Wood?

Absolutely! In fact, vinyl is the best alternative to real wood siding. When you choose quality siding panels, it includes close attention to detail to authentic patterns of woodgrain. Many siding panels are often modeled after real cedar wood panels!


If you are in love with the look of wood siding, you’ll also love vinyl cedar shakes. This provides a rugged appearance to the exterior with lots of texture---just like real wood.



Q #3: Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

You can paint it, but be careful. As we mentioned earlier, vinyl siding expands and contracts. This will cause your new coat of paint to crack, no matter how careful you are while applying it. There are special types of paint available that can minimize these cracks. Painting your vinyl siding may also void the warranty.


Keep in mind that there is no need to paint quality vinyl siding - ever! Vinyl Siding from Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne is low maintenance and won’t warp, rot or peel. Its weather resistant construction never needs sanding, staining, or painting.


Q #4: How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

This is difficult to provide a straightforward answer because there are many factors involved, including market, the quality of the siding, the skill level of the installers, and if there is a warranty included with the upgrade.


Here in Fort Wayne, the typical cost of vinyl siding installation in a two-story house is $10,625. However, the average range is from $4,000 to $17,000.


Have More Questions? We’re Happy to Help!

These are only a handful of questions we hear on a daily basis. If you have one that’s not listed or would like us to review your home’s exterior please call us (260) 341-9357 and we’d be glad to help you. Knowing more about exterior remodeling is the first step in making the best decision for your home and family.


Chris Jarvis