How To Choose the Best Energy Efficient Home Window

New home windows come in many shapes and styles and with various options. But what determines the energy efficiency of the window? Here are 5 factors you should consider when looking for energy-efficient windows.


Insulating Materials

The window material you choose for your replacement windows are important. Windows may look the same, but the material used, and construction of your windows determine the quality of your home window. According to the US Department of Energy, vinyl is the best material at resisting all types of weather and moisture.


Pure virgin vinyl is the most durable vinyl and makes the best quality vinyl window. Vinyl windows made from cheaper recycled vinyl and reused fillers not only perform poorly but can fade from the sun and turn yellow from color washout. They also can crack and split. Virgin vinyl will remain vibrant in color and never fade, crack, or split from extreme temperature variations.  


Warm Edge Spacers

Inside the most energy efficient windows, there is spacer technology that holds the glass panes together. There are two common types of window spacers: metal and non-metal. Metal spacers cannot expand and contract with temperature changes which leads to sealant failure, cracking, condensation between the panes of glass and the loss of insulated gas.



Non-metal spacers are usually foam. They will not conduct cold or heat transfers onto the window glass. Because foam is flexible, they can expand and contract which makes sealant movement rare. This means your window retains more gas which keeps these windows more energy efficient.


Energy Efficient Gases

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, a lot of the power comes from the glass packages. Invisible energy efficient gases are filled inside of the window’s glass panes for additional insulation. These gases are known as argon and krypton. Argon is the most common gas in replacement windows, but you may also find krypton in options such as triple pane windows.


Both gases make the windows more energy efficient and keep the glass temperature as close to the interior temperature as possible. According to Energy Star® energy efficiency standards, krypton is the best insulator for glass.  


Without these gases, energy can easily be lost through the glass panes. This makes your windows much less efficient while your energy bills remain high.




Triple Pane

Long ago, replacement windows had a single pane of glass. This proved to be quite inefficient and didn’t provide much for energy savings. Eventually, dual pane windows became the norm in homes across America.


Today, a third option is available: triple pane glass. Triple pane is one of the most energy efficient options that you can choose for your home. The third pane of glass provides an additional barrier against the elements as well as energy loss. When you combine triple pane with all the other energy-saving technologies available, you can save potentially hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bills.


Triple pane windows also act as a greater sound barrier for homes in high traffic areas.


Where to Get Energy Efficient Windows in Fort Wayne

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One very important piece of the new window installation puzzle is installation. Even the best windows will fail if they are improperly installed. Your custom-made windows will be installed by a 5 Star Installation team from Universal Windows Direct of Fort Wayne. Call us today at 260-341-9357 for a free estimate. We will have you saying, “I Love My Windows”!



Chris Jarvis