How To Get the Best Value with a New Entry Door

It’s no secret that there is a world of options available for exterior doors. Depending on your home’s architecture and your personal stylistic preferences, you might be wondering how you can get the best value for your investment. Consider the following advice!


Durable Materials

Your door is a force against Mother Nature and secures your family from unwanted intruders. This makes it imperative to choose strong and durable materials for your new door replacement upgrade.


There are several material options available with the most popular including wood, steel, and fiberglass.


●     Wood doors give a traditional appearance, but they are quite expensive. They also require a lot of upkeep.

●     Steel doors are durable but may dent easily.

●     Fiberglass is an excellent option for a low-maintenance entry door material that looks just like wood, giving all the benefits of a durable door that lasts a lifetime.


Fiberglass provides an excellent return on investment as it looks beautiful for years. It also helps insulate your home when it includes an internal foam core. It’s also one of the most affordable entry door options, especially for the quality.


Entry Savings

New door replacement can help you save energy, providing indoor comfort all throughout the year. But how do you know that your door is energy efficient?


●     Modern fiberglass doors include a foam core that creates an extra layer of insulation. It’s around 2” thick and helps prevent energy loss.

●     Durable weatherstripping should be present around the door. This is important for preventing drafts that make your home uncomfortable.

●     An adjustable threshold further increases energy savings while blocking out moisture.


With these elements, your new door can bring more value by making your home comfortable and lowering energy bills.


Professional Installation

Don’t undervalue your new door by skimping on professional installation. To get the very best value, it’s important to choose a professional door replacement contractor to install your new upgrade. Without professional installation, your new door may not last as long, won’t be as energy efficient as a properly installed door, and may even be less secure. All it takes is a slight mismeasurement to offset the value of your new entry door as well as unnecessary sticking and opening that can be caused by improper installation.  



When selecting a contractor for new door installation, look for the following:


●     Proven portfolio of previous completed jobs. You may also ask to speak with willing previous homeowners who worked with your chosen contractor.

●     Proof of insurance. This can save you an incredible amount of stress and even money if something goes wrong.

●     Not the cheapest. Beware of contractors who offer work for very cheap rates, which is a potential red flag for quality issues.


Lastly, don’t forget about the product warranty. This gives you peace of mind for your investment---but always read the fine print!


Custom Entry Doors in Fort Wayne

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