Is It Affordable to Replace Your Home Windows?

With all the benefits that replacement windows bring to the home, they are also can be a considerable expense. Windows come in a range of prices and this blog post is here to help you decide what factors to consider when buying new home replacement windows.


installing windows

Choose Quality Windows

Quality replacement windows might cost more up front initially, especially when compared to lower quality options. However, investing in better-made windows can ultimately save you more money in the future. 

This is because lower quality windows don’t last as long. With high quality vinyl windows, you can expect at least 25 years of life---if not longer. However, low quality windows may only last you 5-7 years until you need to replace again. Lower quality windows may need replaced 2-3 times faster than a quality home replacement window.


Get Professional Window Installation

Not only do the quality of windows matter for getting your money’s worth, but installation plays a critical role. Even high quality windows will not last or perform well if they are incorrectly installed.

 Why does professional window installation make this upgrade more affordable? They ensure that the window lasts as long as possible, fitting precisely in the frame and sealing out the elements. While simultaneously reducing drafts, you’ll also experience increased indoor comfort along with lower energy bills.


Consider the Glass Packages

Glass packages with energy-saving technologies will cost more than windows without. However, this is one of the most important considerations for new window replacement. You’ll pay slightly more up front, but you can save potentially hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year. Glass Packages also can reduce noise from outside.


Return on Investment

Replacement windows are one of the highest ROIs you can get in the world of home improvement. In fact, it outranks upgrades such as bathroom remodels and major kitchen remodels! It provides a return on investment of roughly 75%, which directly helps to increase your property value and even make your home worth more money if you decide to sell it. What makes your window investment even more attractive is a good window warranty, especially if it covers the next home owner. Great for resale value.


How Much do Windows Cost?

After learning how to get the best value for your money, you might be asking how much do replacement windows cost? The truth is that there are many variables that make it difficult to provide a straight answer. You may spend $150 on a low-quality double hung window without any energy-saving glass packages. On the flip side, you may spend $800 on the same style window with energy-saving glass packages. You are paying significantly more for brand names possibly without any performance advantages.


Affordable and Quality Window Replacement

The key is to find middle ground with the cost of replacement windows. Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne provides quality replacement home windows. Our windows are never made from recycled, weak vinyl, always durable virgin vinyl and our windows are backed by our Lifetime Plus 30 year window warranty which covers the homeowner while they live in the home AND the next home owner for up to 30 years. Windows that truly will be the last windows your home will ever need. Guaranteed!

Chris Jarvis