3 Home Improvement Projects that Require Low to No Maintenance

You’re juggling a lot of tasks in your life. Whether you’re trying to find a work/life balance or you have your hands in a lot of activities, many homeowners prefer the easy option to exterior maintenance. If you’re under the impression that low maintenance means lower beauty standards, we’re here to set the record straight! These are 3 fantastic low maintenance exterior options for your home

DID YOU KNOW???   Each Year There are over 164,000 Emergency Room-treated injuries and 300 Deaths caused by Falls from Ladders. Most Ladder Deaths are from Falls 10 feet or less.

DID YOU KNOW??? Each Year There are over 164,000 Emergency Room-treated injuries and 300 Deaths caused by Falls from Ladders. Most Ladder Deaths are from Falls 10 feet or less.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Wood window frames are the traditional choice for windows in Fort Wayne. Wood is indeed a beautiful material option, but it has major downfalls for both appearance and performance. If window frames are left untreated, they begin to fade, peel, and chip away over the years. In the worst cases for moisture damages, wood window frames can even rot! This also has an immediate impact on performance. 

Today, vinyl is the most popular material for window replacement in the entire country. Vinyl replaced wood window frames because it’s much more cost effective and easier to maintain! These windows also come in a large array of stylistic options that do nothing but boost your curb appeal, no matter the architecture of your home.


Vinyl Siding

Next in line for low-maintenance exterior options is vinyl siding replacement. Just like wood windows, wood exterior siding was one of the original choices for the home. Unfortunately, wood siding presents just as many headaches as wood window frames: peeling paint, fading wood stain colors, and even wood rot!

 Vinyl siding is a terrific investment to make for your home. Not only does it provide an average of 75% return on investment, it looks beautiful for decades without the hassle of sanding or painting. Who wants to spend days up-keeping your vinyl siding, anyway?

The only maintenance this exterior might require is washing down from atmospheric dirt. Just mix a 70/30 solution of water and vinegar and scrub down with a brush that you’d use to wash a car. It’s that easy!


Fiberglass Doors

By now you already know that wood siding products are a lot of upkeep. Fiberglass is the alternative door replacement for wood, providing you with a lifetime of beauty and little-to-no maintenance.

 Fiberglass looks just like real wood except it’s designed with a reinforced skin. This makes it impressively durable against dents, dings, and scratches. You can also make it look just like a real wood door by choosing a wood stain option!

Steel skinned doors are also an option, but they can dent easier than a fiberglass door, but require much less maintenance than a wooden door.  

Get Low-Maintenance Exterior Upgrades

Stay off the ladder and enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle. Universal Windows Direct of Ft.Wayne provides all of these products with an added bonus. We have industry leading warranty protection. Our windows are guaranteed for Lifetime Plus 30 Years, covering you and the next home owner. Our vinyl siding has a 20 year no fade guarantee as well as a never peel, chip, or rot protection. Our doors are covered as well and will provide you with years of beauty and no maintenance. Call us today for a free estimate (260) 341-9357. Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne is managed by Faylor Construction. Join our 5 Star Review customers and see the difference.

Chris Jarvis