Top 3 Reasons Home Windows Fail

You rely on your windows every day of the year. They keep your home comfortable and protect you from all the elements Mother Nature throws at Fort Wayne. If your windows are failing or worse, it is most likely one of these 3 reasons. Number 3 is a real problem!


1. Poor Quality Window Materials

One of the first considerations is the quality of your window. Cheap vinyl windows are made from weaker recycled vinyl and poor-quality fillers which make them less expensive but at the cost of poor performance and longevity.


Low quality windows usually have inferior components, such as seals, that aren’t intended to last more than a few years. Eventually, you’ll begin noticing issues such as condensation between the glass and even energy loss.


While you don’t have to spring for the most expensive window on the market, be sure that you are selecting a window of good quality. These windows will provide the best value and perform well for years to come.  


2. Age of the Window

Speaking about years of performance, age is another factor to consider when your windows are failing. It’s no surprise that lower quality windows won’t perform for as long as higher-quality windows made from better materials.


Low quality replacement windows may only last you around 5 years. Many of these windows are installed in newly built homes to increase profit and drive down the price, but in the long run they are not the best option.


Low quality or really outdated windows will breakdown and fail causing all sort of mechanical issues and energy loss. Higher quality windows should last at least 20 years. Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne offers the True Lifetime Warranty on our windows. Our warranty covers your windows during the time you live in your home and up to 30 years to the next home owner. Our windows are the last windows your home will ever need-guaranteed!


3. Improper Installation

This is perhaps the biggest culprit of performance failure. While elements such as insulating gases and window materials are important, correct installation is vital. You can spend thousands of dollars on one window and it won’t save you a single cent on energy bills when the window is improperly insulated or incorrectly installed.


How do you know that you are getting the real deal with professional window installation? One of the first steps is ensuring that you’re choosing a reputable window company. We make sure our installers are properly trained and up to code on all necessary aspects of window installation.  We follow industry best practices and properly fit your custom-made windows correctly into your home’s exterior.


Ensuring that Your Windows Will Last for Life

Windows may all look pretty much the same, but they may not be. Weak, recycled vinyl will split and crack letting in moisture and air as well as looking yellow and unattractive. We use 100%, durable virgin vinyl. Its strength is far superior to recycled vinyl and will look better and last longer.  


You’ll also want to see if your window glass is insulated with argon or krypton gas. This gas acts as an insulator and will keep your home more comfortable all year round.


For a draft-free home with a performance that lasts for life, give Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne a call. We can review your current windows and let you know if you need to replace them. Our windows are all easy to maintain as well. Stay off the ladder and enjoy our windows for as long as you live in your home-guaranteed.


Chris Jarvis