3 Home Improvements to Make Before Summer Ends

Can you believe that we are approaching the end of summer already? While many of us are soaking up the last warm and beautiful days, we also need to turn our attention to our homes. Making some small or even large changes to your home now can save you from a lot of headaches this autumn and winter.

The following 3 Improvements can save you a lot of heartache and money if improved today.

Clogged Gutters can cause a lot of damage. Water should flow freely down your gutters or you can have problems with your foundation and roof.

Clogged Gutters can cause a lot of damage. Water should flow freely down your gutters or you can have problems with your foundation and roof.

Improvement #1: Clean Out Your Gutters

Many of us associate clogged gutters with fall. However, the truth is that plenty of debris can build up in your gutters over the summer season. If you don’t have gutter guards installed, this is all the more reason that you need to get those gutters cleaned out. Pull out leaves, twigs, and other debris with your hands while wearing thick gloves. Once you get everything cleaned out, rinse the gutter system out with a hose. 

After you flush the gutters out, consider upgrading with new gutter protection. Not only will this keep your gutters clear during the autumn, it can also spare you from ice dams during the winter.

Clogged gutters fill with water and this water can cause multiple issues. From a breeding ground for mosquitoes to ice dams that rot wood. Water needs to be moved away from your roof and your home’s foundation. Gutters that are clogged can pour water over the sides of the gutter and over time, the foundation of your home can deteriorate as well as mold.


Improvement #2: Tend to Damaged Siding

Did your house siding get damaged over the summer? Damage can occur from all sorts of sources, whether it was hit during a backyard baseball game or you noticed water damage after a storm blew through. No matter what the type of damage, now is the time to get things replaced.


New vinyl siding replacement will protect your home throughout the upcoming seasons. We all know that autumn is wet and cold, which can result in even more water damage on your house siding. Keep your home properly protected through the seasons with new vinyl siding.


Improvement #3: Check Your Attic for Leaks

Have you been inside your attic this summer? If not, it’s a good idea to go inside and look around for leaks. Sometimes roof leaks pop up right under our noses and go undetected inside the attic. This spells trouble since it results in condensation on the rafter beams. Over time, you might find yourself dealing with mold and mildew growth.


What do you do if you find leaks in your attic? It’s best to contact a professional roofing contractor for help. The source of the leak will need determined, such as the flashing around the chimney. It also helps to inspect the state of your shingles, making notes if there is any curling, bucking, or missing shingles. This is an indication that your roof needs replaced before cold weather arrives.


Contact us for Later Summer Exterior Improvements

Don’t forget that you’ll want to pay attention to the state of your windows as well. If you notice drafts, condensation between the glass panes, or rotting window frames, consider window replacement ASAP. The sooner you tend to these upgrades, the less stress you’ll be under when Old Man Winter makes his way to Fort Wayne.

Call us today and we would be glad to check your windows, roof, siding, or gutters. All of our products have industry leading warranty protection too.

Chris Jarvis