Replacement Window Trends that Stand the Test of Time

New replacement windows provide not only a functional upgrade to any home, but they highlight a home’s exterior and should look great for years to come. There have been many window replacement trends over the years, but some classic elements stand the test of time. These improve your home’s curb appeal regardless of nearly any home style. Check for these when looking to replace your windows.


Durable and Quality Materials

Your windows withstand elements ranging from the hot sun to arctic blasts. It’s imperative to choose windows with the most durable materials such as vinyl window replacement. 

High-quality vinyl isn’t constructed from cheap or recycled products. It’s engineered to never chip, peel, or fade in color. Choose carefully when it comes to new vinyl windows. They can drastically range in quality! One determining factor of durable and quality vinyl windows is price. You don’t need to go for the most expensive---choose vinyl windows that are a competitive market price and provide the best value.

Cheap windows are installed even in new home construction. The price savings on low quality windows will quickly become apparent when the windows buckle under the changing weather.


Energy Efficient

Another feature that’s always on-trend is energy efficiency. Just like window material quality, not all replacement windows are made equal in terms of energy savings. It’s important that your windows contain elements such as argon or krypton gases for extra insulation. You’ll also want to opt for low-e application that helps reflect the sun’s rays during the summer, keeping your home cooler. In the winter, low-e helps to naturally heat your home.

Energy-savings not only improve the comfort of your home, it requires less energy.  

Now that you know about durability, quality, and energy savings, let’s talk about a few window styles that are always a beautiful yet trendy upgrade.


Most Popular Window Styles

Let’s face it---replacement windows are an aesthetic upgrade for your home. There are several styles of house windows that continue to serve as popular options all throughout fort Wayne. These window styles include:


●     Double hung window: The oldest window style on the market yet the most versatile. This window is taller than it is wide, sliding open and closed vertically. You’ll find double hung windows on the majority of homes in Fort Wayne. Both the upper and bottom window move up and down.

●     Picture windows: These windows don’t provide ventilation, but they are beautiful and maximize sunlight in the home. A popular option is to install a picture window in your living room, bringing in ample sunlight and brightening up your living space. If you want the biggest non-obstructed view of your surroundings, a picture window will do the job.

●     Casement windows: Casements are also a window style from eras gone by. It’s similar in shape and size to double hung windows. The difference is that it operates with a crank-out handle for incredible ventilation.

●     Geometric windows: Many different geometric window styles bring beautiful character to your curb appeal, ranging from circle to diamond.

No matter the age or style of your home, you can’t go wrong with at least one of these window styles!


Get Quality and Stylish House Windows

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Chris Jarvis