The Autumn Guide to Gutter Protection in Fort Wayne

Fall undoubtedly brings a bursting display of colors, cool temps, and a crisp smell in the air. We all know that fall can also be a damp time of year and we can always count on piles of leaves to make their appearance in our yards. 

This time of year, homeowners rely on gutter protection to protect their gutters from various debris and leaves. Your gutters play a very important role in keeping a healthy home exterior. Here is what you need to know about how your gutters manage moisture and how gutter guards keep your gutters working smoothly for years to come.

Leaves and Debris clog the water system of your gutters. Keeping them clear can avoid potential problems like ice damn formation or decaying home foundations.

Leaves and Debris clog the water system of your gutters. Keeping them clear can avoid potential problems like ice damn formation or decaying home foundations.

How Can Gutter Guards Protect Your Home in the Fall?

The main function of gutter protection is to keep leaves from causing clogs. Clogs are costly, especially if they get all the way down into the drain line that might run underground. In the most severe cases, excavating is required to get to remove the clog. Properly protected gutters will stop the leaves and keep rain and snow freely moving through your drainage system.  

Did You Know? Up to two inches of rain, or 1,000 gallons per hour can pass through a gutter system. Heavy rainfall and runoff can cause basement flooding or water pooling around your home’s foundation. These pools can freeze when it gets colder and even cause the foundation to crack. 

Once the weather turns colder, there is a possibility that ice dams will form on your gutters. Clogged gutters during the fall can make this issue even worse. Ice damns push water under your roofing shingles. Water is then able to drip across your attic and run across your interior walls causing mold and damage along the way.  

Luckily, gutter guards can provide just the protection you need for your home by enabling water to flow through your gutters and into your drainage system. You won’t have to drag out the ladder and climb your home to clean out gutters. Your gutters will remain clean and water will properly flow into your gutters and down the drain.

As you’re searching for gutter guards, you have two primary options: micro-mesh and solid gutter caps.

Micro-Mesh vs. Solid Gutter Caps

A solid gutter cap is the earliest gutter protection technology that sits on top of your existing gutter. The caps are curved so it deflects falling autumn leaves and allows water to flow. The problem here is that solid gutter caps do not have the most effective engineering for keeping leaves out of the gutters. There is no true barrier against leaves and if the leaves land at a certain angle, they can still get stuck in your gutters and cause clogs. 

Micro-mesh is a newer technology and our top recommendation. They are stainless steel and only allow the smallest pieces of debris to make it into the gutter system. These block pine needles, leaves, roof grit, and pests from entering your gutters.  

Clogged gutters can certainly cause a lot of damage and cost you a lot of money. Gutter guards are an affordable option for protection and peace of mind.


How Much do Gutter Guards Cost?

Quality gutter guards run from $13 to $25 per linear foot installed. If the gutter guard system is complex, the price will increase accordingly. It is best to have a professional give your home an estimate based off of your home’s unique characteristics.


Where to Buy Gutter Guards in Fort Wayne

Here at Universal Windows Direct of Fort Wayne, we provide top-performing and high quality micro-mesh gutter guards. We’re a partner of Bolt, one of the leading suppliers of gutter protection in the entire country. Before the leaves start falling, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at 260-438-9112. Keep your home’s gutters clear and free flowing for years to come. Plus, stay off of your old, rickety ladder!


Chris Jarvis