Should You Replace Your Windows This Fall?

With cold weather right around the corner, you might be wondering when is the right time for window replacement? New home windows are an expense, but they provide many benefits from improving the quality of life inside your home to upgrading your home’s curb appeal. If you’re not sure whether to replace your windows now or wait until another season, consider the following:


The Age of Your Windows

First, think about the age of your windows. Good quality vinyl windows can last a long time---up to 25 years or longer!  

However, some windows may only last 5-10 years if they are of lesser quality. This includes new construction windows!

 If you have wood windows, signs of age can often be seen in the frames especially if they are rotting. Old windows that are either wood or vinyl might have problems opening and closing, which is a sign of old age and the need to replace.

If your windows are not opening and closing properly or you feel a breeze when the wind blows, it may be time to replace those inefficient windows.


How Clear is the Glass?

Next, consider how well you can see the world when you look outside your window. As windows age, they may fog up inside the glass due to seal failure. Not only does this result in foggy windows that won’t get clean, it also means that your window is under-performing.


As windows age, they can ultimately lose their ability to insulate. Once you’re dealing with fog (condensation) that will not wipe away, it’s time to think about replacing your windows before the weather makes a turn for the worse.


The Dreaded Draft

Drafty windows are one of the most known telltale signs that window replacement is needed sooner than later. Not only is it allowing cold air into your home, it’s also allowing heat to escape. Drafty windows are truly a double-edged sword!


The worst part is that sometimes drafts go undetected. While no window is 100% airtight (only a solid wall can block all airflow), you don’t want to feel a lot of air if you place your hand near the frame. Other areas where drafts can occur is the sash and where the sash meets the sill.


If you discover drafts, the reason might be because the weatherstripping is worn out. Another culprit is improper installation. There is a possibility that the frame may have shifted over many years and it’s now allowing drafts to come inside.

Poorly insulated windows not only make your home uncomfortable on winter and summer days, they increase your energy consumption as your heating and cooling units compensate for the temperature change inside your home. The money lost on inefficient windows can help pay for your new replacement windows today.


Operation and Security Issues

Lastly, your window should easily open and close. The locks should all function properly, which is important for security as well as energy savings. When the windows are locked, it helps create suction and blocks energy from escaping.


Get New Replacement Windows from UWD of Fort Wayne

Proper installation of replacement windows is very important. Homes settle over time and improper installation can result in air gaps resulting in energy loss and uncomfortable drafts.

Universal Windows Direct of Ft. Wayne is a factory trained installation location. We precisely measure your home to account for any home settling or disturbances. This will ensure that your custom made home replacement windows are tightly fit and will avoid air gaps and extensive caulking.

If you are interested in replacing your old windows or simply need a professional eye to evaluate your current windows, give us a call today. Winter is right around the corner. Don’t get caught in the cold! As the temperature dips and winds blow you can be sure that your windows are providing the barrier your home needs to combat Mother Nature.


Chris Jarvis