Your windows play a large role in your home’s style. A bay window makes a big impact and a cozy reading nook, while slider windows can make any space feel more contemporary. Regardless of your personal style, there is another decorative element that impacts your décor: window treatments.

Is there sweat forming on your brow as you reach to adjust your thermostat? Whether the sweat is from fearing high utility bills or you’re feeling the heat these days, staying cool is expensive. If your utility bills could easily fund your kid’s college tuition, you might be looking for a few ways to stay cool this summer on the cheap—but is it possible?

When the sun is beating down outside, you depend on your home to keep you cool. However, some homeowners don’t think about the damage that UV rays can do to the inside of your home. Even if you have window treatments, the sun’s harmful rays can still make their way through the glass. UV rays are damaging to your skin, but they can also damage your belongings as well.

Whether it’s a light rain or an endless downpour, a dry basement is a top priority for any homeowner here in Fort Wayne. When you first discover that you have a water problem in this area of your home, your mind will likely race to determine the source of the leak. According to Angie’s List, a small flood of only an inch or two of water in your basement can result in $10,000 in damage.

You hear all the time that replacing old and outdated windows can benefit your home. New windows will make your home feel more comfortable, lower your utility bills, and even boost curb appeal. However, you might not have the money (or the motivation) to replace your windows right now.

Whether you have a vacation home on the lake or you’re living in a permanent lakeside residence, there’s no denying the allure of living right next to a body of water. With beautiful views and endless access to waterfront life, you might be wondering how you can further enhance your lakeside home.

If you admire the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, you might be wondering how you can improve the look and feel of your home without having the budget of a millionaire. While you might not be installing a diamond-encrusted staircase any time soon, there are ways you can enliven your home without breaking the bank.

Have you ever had buyer’s remorse? Whether you’re buying the latest technology with a new 4k TV or you bought a pricey diamond ring, no one wants to spend a large amount of money and regret it shortly thereafter.

When you discover that your gutters are leaking, this home improvement project might be at the bottom of your priority list. While leaky gutters might not seem like an urgent project to tackle, the truth is that leaky gutters can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners.

When it’s time to upgrade your home with new windows, you’ll quickly discover the wide variety of stylistic options available to you. From custom geometric windows to understated (yet beautiful) slider windows, it can easily become overwhelming when you’re trying to pick the right option for you.

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