Installation & Warranty

Understanding Warranties and Window Installation in Ft Wayne, Indiana

When it comes to window installation in Fort Wayne, Indiana, many homeowners get caught up in the details involving aesthetics and energy saving features. However, there are other aspects of replacement windows to consider, such as the installation process and warranties.

Understanding warranties and window installation in Fort Wayne can save you from a lot of headaches down the road. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when you’re upgrading your replacement windows:

  • One of the first things to consider is that window warranties are not equal between companies. A window company’s manufacturer typically outlines the window warranty. Therefore, if problems arise with the products of your window installation, you may have to seek guidance from the manufacturer.
  • Limited lifetime warranties are one of the most popular warranties offered for window installation in Fort Wayne. These warranties cover aesthetic defects, as well as many performance issues.
  • Limited lifetime warranties also may cover vinyl extrusions in the window frame, color characteristics, hardware, insulated glass, obstruction of vision, and more. When you need to know exactly what’s covered with your new window installation, it’s best to ask your sales representative.
  • Keep in mind that lifetime warranty can drastically vary between manufactures. Some manufacturer’s lifetime warranty is only good for 5 years, while others may last 15 years or longer. This all depends on the quality of the replacement window, and how long your windows are reasonably expected to perform. The bottom line is that lifetime does not literally mean lifetime.
  • Another tip to consider is that DIY window installation may void your window’s warranty. Some customers prefer to purchase windows directly from a window company and install on their own. However, this may cause headaches down the road in the event that your window fails to perform. It’s best to let the pros handle your window installation project.

Professional window installation is critical to the performance of your windows. Furthermore, it’s also important to thoroughly understand your warranty before you signed on the dotted line. For questions about warranties and window installation in Fort Wayne, contact Universal Windows Direct today.